YetiWay – the new application of the creators of Yanosik! Paid, but without ads

A new application of the creators of the Yanosik tool is entering the market! Apka YetiWay is paid, but without advertising. Its main function is to communicate about road hazards.

Yanosik is the most popular communicator for drivers in Poland. Approximately 1.5 million users use the app monthly, and the number of downloads has already exceeded 7.5 million. The creators of this system do not slow down the pace, however, and with the beginning of the year, they are launching a new product: the YetiWay application, which will inform users, among others about speed controls, speed cameras, repairs or accidents. Sounds familiar? No wonder, because this messenger resembles the Yanosik application already known by many drivers. Does this in turn mean changes for users of the free Yanosik?

“Yanosik was, is and will be a free solution, we do not intend to change that yet YetiWay is another service that meets the expectations of many of our users, and we have recently received a lot of suggestions from drivers to launch a paid version that would not contain advertising. YetiWay is a nod to them and the possibility of using the Yanosik system in exchange for a small fee, thus giving our users the opportunity to choose and adjust the offer to their needs “- comments Dawid Nowicki, Yanosik .

“Drivers using the free Yanosik application can therefore sleep peacefully, because the fees only apply to a new product” – he adds.

So how does the novelty prepared by the creators of Yanosik work? Yetiway yanosikYetiWay is a traffic communicator, which will be displayed in the form of a floating icon already known from Yanosik. Thanks to this the application is to be functional and easy to use. However, this is not the only advantage of the minimalism used. Namely, drivers can simultaneously use the Yanosik system, that is, to report and receive information about the current traffic situation and use any navigation available on the mobile market. For additional convenience in the settings of the application, you can select the autostart option, and YetiWay will switch on automatically when you start your favorite navigation. By adding applications using the application, the drivers leave their mark, thus informing other drivers about the current traffic situation.

The YetiWay application is available for Android – you can download it by clicking on the button below. The first 3 months of use are free. Later, using the application requires paying a fee of 120 PLN / year.

Works on extending the offer for iPhone users are in progress.

Source: YetiWay

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