There are two different sales in the Humble Store

Over the next few days, the games released by 2K Games and titles associated with Valentine’s will be discounted at the Humble Store.

Just in case one sale was not enough for you, Humble Store organized two. The first one reduced the prices of games that were released by 2K Games, and the second offers titles related to … love and Valentine. Some productions were overestimated by up to 90 percent.

On sale of 2K Games for example Borderlands 2, for which you usually have to spend 29.99 euros. Now it costs only 7.49 euros. Here are some other interesting offers:

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Digital Deluxe – 39.99 euros (instead of 79.99 euros)
XCOM 2 Collection – 44.99 euros (instead of 89.99 euros)
Bioshock: The Collection – EUR 19.79 (instead of EUR 59.99)
Mafia – 6.69 euros (instead of 9.99 euros)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – 4.99 euros (instead of 19.99 euros)
WWE 2K18 Digital Deluxe Edition – EUR 33.74 (instead of EUR 74.99) Humble StoreBelow, we’ve put a list of some of the titles whose prices have been reduced under Valentine’s sale :

Hatoful Boyfriend – 1.99 euros (instead of 7.99 euros)
Deponie – 0.99 euros (instead of 9.99 euros)
To the Moon – EUR 2.12 (instead of EUR 8.49)
Where is my Heart? – 3.99 euros (instead of 7.99 euros)
Purrfect Date – 7.49 euros (instead of 9.99 euros) Humble StoreThe sale of games released by 2K Games will last until Thursday, until 19:00, while the Valentine’s Day sale until Friday, also until 19:00.

Source: Humble Store

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