Polish electric car in low-volume production from 2019

In the coming months, automotive experts will choose a partner to build the first Polish e-car. ElectroMobility Poland is responsible for the implementation of the project. The car is expected to hit small-lot production in 2019.

At the end of last year, the company resolved the competition for the visualization of the body, in which it selected projects with the most interesting design. In November, proceedings were commenced for vehicle manufacturers and car components.

– The commission is to select a car that would be a Polish showcase. At the moment it weighs whether it should be big or small, cheap or expensive. Dilemmas are associated not only with technical difficulties, but also with financial matters. I like the young generation of constructors, people willing to create a Polish car, they approach it with great enthusiasm – tells Newseria Biznes information agency Zbysław Szwaj, constructor and member of the evaluation committee in the “Polish Electric Vehicle” procedure.

The whole procedure will consist of several stages, during which the experts will thoroughly verify not only all projects, but also the competences of teams that submitted them. The company wants to be ready for the first functional prototypes in a dozen or so months – that is, those that are not yet ready for production, but will already show what the e-car will look like, what functions it will have and what it will be able to convince Polish consumers.

– We expect from the projects primarily innovation, because entering into direct competition with car companies that have been dealing with electromobility for many years will not be easy. We need to find a niche that suits our users and really manage it – says Wojciech Sierpowski, a member of the commission who has been a member of the Car of the Year jury since 1992.

There is a lot of interest in working with EMP. Seventeen consortia have been submitted, consisting of nearly two hundred entities. As Piotr Zaremba, Managing Director of ElectroMobility Poland assures, these companies have very different competencies that complement each other. We evaluate the business and technical concept of complex projects. We are also looking for people who could carry out these projects. Mateusz Tomiczek - Concept Curie

Mateusz Tomiczek – Concept Curie

Bartosz Mielecki from the Polish Automotive Group estimates that the Polish electrician’s project is an initiative that will attract young, ambitious constructors or engineers who already have experience in working for large, foreign concerns. Now they will be able to use them on the Polish market.

– We have built an alliance around PGM, a group of Polish companies that have decided to support this project. We want a common, valuable brand to be created that integrates production plants, car users and the state. Treating this as a joint project and joint venture can be beneficial for both the Polish economy and consumers – says Bartosz Mielecki.

The projects that went to the EMP included, among others, a new version of the legendary Mermaid and electric crossover with four-wheel drive. Its creator, Andrzej Lechowicz from Sancad, emphasizes that it is currently a rapidly growing segment of the automotive market.

– Crossover is the fastest growing car segment. I see that the market is not yet here, but everyone – Chinese, Europeans, Americans – have already started work on electric crossovers. I think it’s the best way to start this project today, and in a few years be on a par with big corporations.

Piotr Kiljańczyk from AK Motor, participant in the “Polish Electric Vehicle” procedure adds – we recognized that the initiative of ElectroMobility Poland is worth notifying and winning a share in the nascent electromobility market. Our vehicle has features – both technical and usable – that allow it to appear on the market and be an interesting alternative to currently available mass cars. Our consortium is responsible for creating a prototype and implementing the new incarnation of the Syrena car on the market. We hope that, just as the first Mermaid awakened mobility in the Poles, the electric siren will be able to stimulate electromobility in the Poles. Sebastian Nowak – Be-E

Sebastian Nowak – Be-E

Łukasz Myszyński - JUNIOR

Łukasz Myszyński – JUNIOR

Damian Woliński – SE1

Damian Woliński – SE1

Source: Newseria.pl , photo tit .: one of the final car projects. M. Tomiczek – Concept Curie

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