Poles have loved Polish Spotify playlists – the most popular playlists are …

It has been 5 years since Spotify appeared in Poland and 3 months since the Polish playlists appeared in the service, that is music compilations created especially for users from Poland. What do we listen to most often?

As is clear from the data collected by Spotify, from the very beginning Polish playlists are very popular among Polish users. Their popularity is constantly growing, which is perfectly illustrated by the list of the most popular playlists in Poland. The top ten included as many as 8 Polish playlists, all on top positions. Therefore, Spotify constantly increases the number of playlists suited to the tastes of Polish users – now there are over 60 Polish playlists on the site.

Top playlists in Poland:

1. Music to work
2. … but first coffee
3. House Party
4. Smile!
5. Winter power
6. Winter chill
7. Hip Hop generation
8. Top Hits Poland
9. Today’s Top Hits
10. Chill Hits

    As you can see above, the most popular are playlists that match specific moods and moments that most Poles can identify with. Users match playlists in such a way that they constitute a natural background for their everyday duties and routine. You can see it on the example of a playlist Music to work which does not retreat from the 1st place in the popularity ranking. It is also a playlist, which Polish listeners listen to on average the longest.

    The high position of the playlist is also not surprising … but first coffee – it is a necessary boost of energy, which Poles are looking for primarily during the working week, then to be able to relax, for example, at Winter chill which we choose most on weekends. The occasional playlists were also received with great enthusiasm. A good example is House Party , which appeared on the site on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, but is also very popular now, in the carnival, where it reigns primarily on Saturday events.

    Looking at the list of the most popular playlists, it can be clearly seen that Poles are great hip hop fans. Playlist Hip Hop generation , on which there are works of the most popular Polish rappers, such as: Quebonafide, Taco Hemingway, Paluch, Bedoes, or Otsochodzi, so far it has been developing the fastest of all genre playlists. It also gathered the largest followers database, breaking playlists with pop songs.

    In addition to preferences and popularity Spotify checked who the biggest playlist fans in Poland are:

    – Playlists are popular mainly in men who make up 56% of their listeners.
    – 37% of playlist fans are 20-30 years old, 36% are under 20 years old.
    – For Spotify playlists we reach most often on weekends from 14-17.00. On the other hand, during the week, we find music mainly in the evenings, from 16.00 to 22.00.
    – The greatest popularity of Polish playlists is enjoyed in large cities, successively in: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan and Gdansk.

    Polish playlists were also created to support Polish artists and help them reach a wider audience. It seems that Spotify is on the right track to achieve this goal. The popularity of playlists is already visible in the number of plays of music by Polish hip hop artists.

    “More than 20% of music streams from Asfalt Records on Spotify now come from local Polish playlists, I’m happy that the hip hop playlists are doing so well, that means people want to listen to our music, we keep our fingers crossed so that the popularity of playlists continues to grow” – said Marcin “Tytus” Grabski, founder of Asfalt Records, which includes, among others, O.S.T.R., Taco Hemingway and Otsochodzi.

    Source: Spotify

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