Kingdom Come: Deliverance – premiere today! The ratings are good

Four years after the Kickstarter campaign, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the Czech Warhorse studio, has entered the market. The first Kingdom Come: Deliverance ratings look good. The creators announce further improvements of their work.

Game Kingdom Come: Deliverance finally available! Today, its official premiere was given to the title on which players waited 4 years. The first ratings are positive, and the players and editors agree: historical realism is at a very high level, the open, interesting game world encourages its exploration and the plot is captivating. Unfortunately, everyone complains about performance drops – both on consoles and desktop computers.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance ratings are:

GameSpew: 9/10 9/10
GameRevolution: 4.5 / 5
GameWatcher: 8/10
GamePro Germany: 7.6 / 10
HardcoreGamer: 3.5 / 5
DarkStation: 8/10
GameWatcher: 8/10
Cubed3: 7/10
GameReactor UK: 6/10
PressStartAustralia: 6/10
WindowsCentral: 3/5
Gadgets 360: 5/10
AttackOftheFanboy: 2.5 / 5
TheSixthAxis: 4/10

Soon, our review of the game will be available on

It is worth noting that on the day of the release on the PC there was available a patch to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, weighing up to 23 GB. The PlayStation update should appear on February 14 at the latest, and on February 16 at the Xbox. Players will find in it:

– Improving sneaking modes
– Improve the liquidity of getting dirty and destroying objects
– Enhancement of dialogue scenes
– Improvements to bugs in additional tasks
– Many optimizations

Unfortunately, the update has not eliminated problems with optimizing the game, which hopefully will be improved in the near future.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG-based, open-world RPG set in the 15th century Central Europe. Players will play a character who wants to avenge the death of their parents at all costs by fighting with the invaders, fulfilling tasks that are fateful and making decisions that will affect the course of the game. We will discover majestic castles, forest backwoods and developing towns as well as other, innumerable and “extremely realistic” locations in the medieval Czech.

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