Esport Manager – a card game about e-sport will debut at IEM Expo 2018

The Poles created the world’s first card game that is the manager of an e-sport club. The title will mark its debut at IEM Expo 2018.

Esport Manager is the first card game in the world that deals with esport. It was created by Poles who work in the e-sport industry on a daily basis, but have extensive experience in creating board and card games. So far, they have created such titles as Pocket Mars, Fejm or A4 Quest.

The game is designed for 2 to 4 players aged 10+. A single game is scheduled for 15-30 minutes of play. The set includes a character card and a set of tokens symbolizing money and prestige. As a manager, you will receive a set of cards representing various characters relevant in the world of e-sport, media and business. Each character has a characteristic special ability, which eventually translates into a certain number of points in the game. In addition, characters are characterized by a set of features that allow you to make strategic decisions and, as a consequence, gain the desired success or suffer a dismal failure on the e-sport market. The player’s task is to lead an e-sport organization to success. The player has his team and logotype, and the next stage is the employment of the best players MOBA, FPS and SOLO. In addition, there is the possibility of employing trainers of appropriate specializations, which at the end of the game will give us additional points assigned to each player. During the game, we also have action cards at our disposal. The player can ask for help from commentators, send a team to the gaming house, organize LAN tournaments, on which he will search for talents. Each action card symbolizes an event related to e-sport. In addition, tournament cards will be available in the game, which will allow you to earn additional profits during the game.

The premiere of the game is planned for IEM Expo, which takes place during ESL One powered by Intel and Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice. It will be available for purchase at PLN 55, in the ESL store, both on the first and second weekend. After the Katowice event, the game will also be available for sale on the Internet . ESL Polska is the exclusive distributor.

Source: ESL

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