CoD player: WWII has reached the highest rank without using a firearm

One player has reached the maximum rank in the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer mode, using only the white weapons. This is not a real achievement.

Getting the highest rank in the multiplayer game in Call of Duty: WWII is not easy. To do this, you must first get 55th level in multiplayer mode. In such a situation, the Prestige rank is obtained. Then, you need to re-gain the 55th level to reach the Prestige rank on the second level, and then repeat it again … 9 times. Only then can we be proud of the Master Prestige rank.

As it turns out, someone managed to do it all without using a firearm. That someone is the player with the nickname TheseKnivesOnly, who has documented his progress on YouTube.

TheseKnivesOnly has earned the rank of Master Prestige, using only a bayonet mounted on the barrel of the rifle, white weapons (such as even … a shovel), or throwing knives at opponents. With the help of these tools, he performed about 32,000 murders in the game.

Interestingly, TheseKnivesOnly impressed the studio responsible for Call of Duty: WWII – Sledgehammer Games so much that it congratulated him on using his official Twitter account.

TheseKnivesOnly is a member of the professional sporting team of KARNAGE. As it turns out, he played only with the use of white weapons in all titles from the series Call of Duty, which appeared after 2009. The inspiration for him was a player who used only tomahawk in Search & Destroy mode.

Although TheseKnivesOnly has reached the maximum rank in CoD: WWII, his adventure is not over yet. As part of this rank, you can get 1000 more levels, and he does not intend to pass this opportunity.

Source: YouTube

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