VLC 3.0 now available! There is support for HDR and Chromecast

Which video player to choose? We think VLC! The network has just released the latest version of VLC 3.0, which introduces many useful features and improvements, including improved support for 4K, 8K, HDR and Chromecast.

VideoLAN has just released the latest version of one of the most popular video players in the world. Free and free of any advertisements VLC 3.0 is now available and if you can not download the update through the updater of the earlier version of the program, you can do it from the official website of the project.

VLC 3.0 brings several significant changes and improvements, and full changelog abounds in dozens of different items. You will most probably be pleased with the amendments regarding the efficient support of 4K resolution – the program did not always manage well with materials in this resolution. Attention is also drawn to the support of the HDR standard, as well as the cooperation of applications with Google Chromecast.

Many users (including me) have not previously downloaded from YouTube – in the new version of VLC 3.0 this problem has been solved. How to download from YouTube via VLC 3.0? It’s fabulously simple – just paste the link to the material you want to save to the disk and accept the selection. No more using unnecessary software!

Among other changes worth mentioning are HDMI Passthrough support for Audio HD codecs like E-Ac3, True HD and DTS-HD. VideoLAN also introduced 360-degree videos (finally) and support for the 8K standard (which we would rather not soon use …).

We highly recommend using the VLC 3.0 player. The application works stably, is “light”, does not consume a lot of resources, and its service is extremely intuitive. In addition, VLC 3.0 supports multi-format subtitles and works great with their automatic search.

VLC 3.0 download version for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux can be from the official project website, here .

Below you will find links to the mobile version of the VLC player for Android and iOS. Personally, I recommend – I use the Android version and I praise myself very much.


Source: VLC

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