Google is preparing an option to share battery status in Maps

The Android Police website found bits of the source code in the Google Maps beta version, which indicate what features might appear in the application in the future.

Ever wonder why you can not contact a friend who sent you a lot of messages just a few moments ago? Did something happen to him on the way home? Or was the battery in his phone simply empty? It seems that soon in such situations you will be able to worry a bit less.

The Android Police website noticed in beta version of the Google Maps application, which indicates that the program is to receive a function that allows you to share your battery status with your friends on your phone with your location. The app would probably only show the approximate time that your friend’s smartphone will be able to work (probably because the battery level may change from minute to minute). Nevertheless, it would be a very useful option. GoogleWhat’s more, Google Maps beta code also indicates the sharing function of the used public transport – bus, train or tram. Thanks to her, our friends will be able to see what time we are to be at a given stop and if our means of transport has been delayed.

I do not know about you, but I hope that these functions will actually appear in Google Maps. Although they seem trivial, in practice they may be more useful than you realize.

Source: Android Police

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