Be careful what phone you are taking on a date with iPhone owners (and women)

It used to be said that it is not the robe that adorns a man. The results of the latest survey conducted by the dating site can testify to the fact that in the 21st century this saying has become outdated.

The dating site carried out its annual Singles in America Study, which involved a group of 5,000 people living in the United States. His results are, well, quite sad. It turns out that on the first date we can look askance at the other person, even for the reason that the smartphone is used. IPhone users are the leader in this attitude.

The eighth study commissioned by gives an insight into how we perceive the habits of the other person associated with the use of a smartphone on the first date. For example, we know that 75% of the dating people would get pissed if the person with whom they spend the evening picked up the phone. Only 66% of people would be disturbed by writing to an SMS. 58% declare that putting the screen upside down on the table is something unseemly. Interestingly, as many as 41% of people consider it inappropriate … to leave the bathroom with a smartphone. Reason? Somebody could gossip about dating in the bathroom …

However, these results are not the most shocking.

There is a chance that iPhone users will negatively evaluate their partner on the first date when … uses a smartphone with the Android operating system. Not everyone is an expert on operating systems, but there is a simple rule here: “for a chicken, he / she does not have an iPhone”. Interestingly, those using Android can also negatively evaluate the iPhone owner “from above”, but the probability of such an event is 15-fold.

And now a bomb for men: as many as 92% of women surveyed said they negatively perceive men using old smartphone models. Yes, old. No, it is not a “neglected” model, but a “non-modern” model.

It should be added that the study was conducted on a research group of 5,000 singles. People who assess the other person based on which smartphone they use, should not be surprised that they are still lonely.

And do you attach importance to which smartphones are used by the people you are dating? Do you think that someone can be pigeonholed on the basis of a telephone? What do you think, for example, about ubiquitous iPhones in the hands of women on Instagram? Mindless lans? Is it a matter of taste? 😉

Source: Singlesinamerica

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