Pornhub removes movies from Deepfake AI, and Reddit banishes subreddita deepfakes

It must have happened sooner or later. Pornhub and Reddit websites have filed heavy guns against users posting porn-remakes created using artificial intelligence. A bit of bitterness has been shed by Taylor Swift videos.

What people start using artificial intelligence is slowly becoming worrying. With her help, not only fake porn movies with celebrities are created, but also with characters from games, such as The Witcher 3. Reddit has just banned subreddit / deepfakes, where pornographic material modifications were placed, where the faces of porn actresses were replaced by celebrity faces, such as Natalie Portman, Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot, and more recently Taylor Swift. Publication of spicy materials with this last one has poured a cup of bitterness.

deepfake gal gadotAt the same time, well-known Pornhub service has announced the banning of all modifications generated by the artificial intelligence of Deepfake AI. The company refers to a provision on the possibility of removing “untruthful” materials or “that violate the right to the image”. In a similar way, Pornhub approaches the phenomenon of “revenge porn”, ie videos posted on the site to disparage former sexual partners. deepfake ai subreddit deepfakesWhat is disturbing is what artificial intelligence can do, and even more so what people use it for. In the end, the possibility of replacing faces in video materials with the help of AI can be dangerous, especially in the hands of people willing to cheat, use and cheat others.

What’s up with Deepfakes and the FakeApp app?

Some time ago, a Reddit user – deepfakes – boasted in this site his work, which is based on artificial intelligence method of face transplantation on video materials. He used it, of course, to create … false, but convincing, pornographic records in which the faces of porn actresses were replaced by the faces of celebrities. Soon after, an application was created, which made the whole process easier – FakeApp.

As it turns out, not only celebrities are victims of this procedure, but now also game characters. On Reddit you can, for example, find porn with the heroines … The Witcher 3.

One of these heroines is Triss Merigold, whose digital face was imposed on the image of a porn actress dressed as Triss. Admittedly, the result of the experiment is quite good, which is what the creator of the modification – FakingDeep – agrees with. Some lovers of Triss certainly enjoyed hearing about its creation. Wiedźmin 3Wiedźmin 3FakingDeep also took Yennefer to the workshop, but her face was not imposed on an actress who was dressed up for her, or at least we think so. Well, and in this case, the artificial intelligence did a pretty good job, as you can see below. Wiedźmin 3Wiedźmin 3No, we will not provide links to these materials here, but we have no doubt that if you ask your Uncle Google nicely, he will show them to you. 😉

It seems that subreddit with these films was visited only by heterosexual men. Among the materials, you would not find a few porn sites with Geralt, at least for now.

Source: Reddit

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