Prison for DDoS attacks against Skype, Google and Pokemon Go

The Briton was sentenced to two years in prison after he confessed to a series of computer crimes that included more than 100 attempts to break into the servers of such powers as Google, Skype and the popular game Nintendo Pokemon Go.

21-year-old Briton Alex Bessell pleaded guilty to charges against him by a Crown Court in Birmingham – the man obtained access to computers without permission, disrupted their operation, and performed and provided malicious software. The investigation also showed that he was involved in money laundering.

DDoS attacks from home

Acting from his bedroom at Toxteth in Liverpool, Bessell not only controlled more than 9,000 army hacked computers aimed at a distributed attack on a computer network (DDoS), but also ran an illegal online business called Aiobuy, which earned over 700,000 USD, by selling malicious code to hackers.

Aiobuy offered 9,077 products for sale, including remote access trojans, cryptographers (intended to hide malware from antivirus software), codes to infected computers called botnets and other malicious tools. Law enforcement agencies have found that more than 35,000 transactions have been made on the site, and the site has already recorded over one million visits.

Deputy Commander, Mark Bird of the Regional Unit for Cybercrime West Midlands, a branch investigating the case, admitted that capturing Bessella is a very important moment regarding online security.

The peak of insolence and cruelty. Create malware that will be sold additionally. Unfortunately, the growing number of such viruses and weak preventive activities of Internet users only encourage hackers to create such businesses as Alex Basell. Every user should know that you need to use antivirus software to browse the network securely. “- he informs Mariusz Politowicz certified Bitdefender solutions engineer in Poland. ” This is one of the most important cybercrime investigations we’ve seen: it offered an online service to anyone who wants to conduct an online attack.

This meant that every person who had some sort of trauma to a particular person or company and wanted to do a cyber attack, and had no idea how to do it, just had to choose the right software, pay the fee, and Bessell dealt with the attack.

When the police raided Bessella’s house, she discovered on the computers of banking Trojans designed to steal login credentials. In addition, 750 stolen user names and passwords were recovered from computer hard drives. Bessell, who admitted that he was involved in cybercrime from the age of 14, was found guilty by, among others, prosecutors. illegal over $ 3 million processing via PayPal. By the end of 2017, the accused had a legal job as a driver for a takeaway food company – Deliveroo.

Source: Bitdefender

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