Google assistant soon in Polish

The Polish market is rapidly adapting the latest solutions in the field of new technologies. In Poland, as the sixth country in the world, Google introduced the Android Pay service. Currently, a Polish-language version of the Google Assistant is tested – a virtual assistant that allows communication with the device.

In December 2017, Amazon provided his assistant in Poland – Alexa, though not yet in Polish. The difficulty for Polish-speaking voice assistants is the difficulty of language. Despite this, the first such solution is now available in smartphones on the Polish market.

Support for voice commands is currently one of the most important development directions in the field of Internet use and communication with devices. Thanks to them, you can easily make purchases, check your bank balance or make an appointment with a helpline through a helpline with the IVR system supporting voice commands. In the future it will be possible to order a taxi, buy an airline ticket or change the channel on the TV. Unfortunately, there are still no voice solutions in Polish.

The Polish language is considered one of the most difficult in the world: semantics, language logic, ambiguity, all this causes difficulties in interpreting our Polish speech and creating assistants whose validity is as high as possible – says Monika Mikowska from Mobee Dick in an interview with the information agency Newseria Innowacje.

Google, one of the two largest players on the voice assistants market, is already testing its solution in Polish. Google Assistant may appear in Poland within a few months, although the US company officially does not confirm this information. Internet users have issued a petition regarding the Polish-language Assistant. About 5,700 people have signed the petition so far . You can join all the time.

Last year, on the corridors of Google Developers Day, it was said that the tests of the Polish version of Google Assistant are underway, and solutions should be expected soon. Amazon is also interested in the Polish market. However, it is difficult to predict how many months or years will enter our market with Alexa – says Monika Mikowska.

In Poland you can buy Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers equipped with voice assistants, but you can not fully use their potential. None of them offers service in Polish. In December 2017, Amazon launched the Alexa application in the Polish App Store and Google Play. Although you still need to speak to her in English, she will be asked about the weather, give it to us for the location in Poland, and the alarm clock will set to 7.00 our time (and not in another time zone).

The leader in the market for selling online speakers with voice features is Amazon with its smart speaker equipped with Alexa. Approximately 20 million units are sold annually, which is 75%. participation in this market segment. The second in order is Google Home with 5 million units sold and share in a quarter of the market.

In 2018 Apple (HomePod) and Microsoft (Invoke) announced the premiere of his speaker. In both cases, there will probably be no Polish language version.

The number of people spread around the world using the Polish language is estimated at 60 million.


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