Messenger statistics for 2017 show how the world has changed

Facebook, according to tradition, shared statistics related to the use of messenger Messenger in the past year. The numbers make a big impression and show how the Internet has influenced interpersonal relationships.

Facebook Messenger’s 2017 Year in Review is the latest summary published by the social networking site Facebook, regarding the world’s most popular instant messenger. The results achieved by the Messenger platform give insight into how the communication between people has changed over the last few years. Messenger’s usage statistics cover the period from January to the end of November this year.

The fact that 1.3 thousand users use Messenger every day probably know. Do you know, however, that through him takes 7 billion conversations a day? This result consists of approx. 260 million conversations with newly diagnosed people. Three days in the passing year, in which the most conversations were held, are New Year, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. It would seem that the function of voice calls and video calls is activated mainly as a result of accidental taping in the wrong place of the screen. Well, no. Facebook reported that through Messenger in 2017, twice as many video calls were made than in 2016. We had over 17 billion of them. Internet emoticons are standing, which confirms the fact that the Polish word of 2017 was chosen … XD. This is also confirmed by statistics from Facebook Messenger’s 2017 Year in Review. In 2017, users of the messenger sent over 500 billion emoticons to each other – an average of 1.7 billion emojis a day. GIFs were slightly less popular, although the number of 18 billion graphics sent annually also makes an impression. Interest was also enjoyed by group interviews – on average, 10 people were invited to them, and 2.5 million conversations of this type were created daily. The most popular reaction in group conversations is “Haha”, but in conversations between two people there is …

What would the current times look like without social media platforms and messengers? I often think about it. I still remember the times of internet packets and the beginnings of Gadu-Gadu messenger. Interpersonal interactions looked a bit different then now. Was it better then? Well, all older internet users are aware of how powerful the power of nostalgia is. On the other hand, thanks to new technologies, we can freely talk with people from almost any corner of the world – share their joys and sorrows, always be close (maintain apparent proximity?). Anyway, everything around us is changing faster and faster. Regardless of whether we like it or not, we drift (unless we decide to sail) with the flow of events.

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