YouTubeers will be playing charity for people with cancer

Known names of the Polish gaming scene and artists, such as Łozo and Jankes, will meet in Warsaw to play popular games on December 9-10. This way during Nvidia Charity Stream for 36 hours. they will encourage donations to the DKMS Foundation. The event will be available online.

Players and their invited guests will take part in the charity action – including vocalist Wojciech “Łozo” Łozowski, former leader of the Afromental team. On Saturday, December 9 at 12, they will start playing the most popular games (“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, “Fortnite”, “Destiny 2”, “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”) in the studio in Warsaw. In total, everyone will spend 36 hours playing.

At all times, in the eyes of Internet users, participants of the gaming challenge, apart from playing, will have to perform various tasks from the studio, home or garage. Łozo will join the players in the studio on Sunday, December 10, from 14:00 to 16:00. On the same day from 18-20 Krzysztof “Janek” Jankowski, presenter known from Radio ESKA and TVP2, together with the Foundation’s employees will tell you how to sign up to the database of potential bone marrow donors (he is in it himself).

Apart from them, the challenge will include popular influencers: Rezigiusz Wierzgoń (almost 3 million subscribers to YouTube) or Piotr “Izak” Skowyrski (over 1.5 million subscribers), who commented on the TV show Poland-Germany during the 2016 European Championships. There will also be an artistic layer, thanks to make-up artist and YouTuberka Dorota’s Freaks that will take care of the makeup of players present in the Warsaw studio, making them similar to the game characters.

The whole venture will be available for viewing on the Internet transmission on the channel . Participants all the time Nvidia Charity Stream they will encourage viewers to register in the database of potential bone marrow donors and transfer money to the DKMS Foundation. She is looking for donors for patients with blood cancer who need bone marrow stem cell transplantation. The campaign also aims to broaden knowledge about donation.

– According to the research report of TNS Polska for our foundation, four out of five Poles are in favor of the idea of ​​bone marrow donation, while at the same time over two thirds of Poles do not know what it really means – explains Dr. Tigran Torosian, a hematologist and medical director of the DKMS Foundation. – Meanwhile, the marrow is collected not by piercing the spine, as many people think, but of the hip bone. It is not a threat to the Donor. Anyway, in the vast majority of cases, stem cells are removed from the peripheral blood – he emphasizes.

As every year in the pre-Christmas period, NVIDIA mobilizes the gaming community to share their passion and support a noble goal. This edition is unique because we do not only collect money for the DKMS Foundation, but also want to educate. We hope that thanks to this initiative, the number of people registered in the database of potential bone marrow donors will increase significantly – says Jan Adryański, Community, PR Manager Central Eastern Europe at NVIDIA.

A year ago, the participants of the event played for Cape of Hope and managed to collect the amount PLN 73 436. In turn, two years ago, the campaign was organized for the charges of the Alarm Clock Clinic, fighting for the awakening of children in a coma.

Payments to the DKMS Foundation can be made, among others on the official website of the action .

Source: Nvidia

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