EA to Investors: Withdrawing micropayments from Battlefront 2 will not affect profits

Due to the criticism, EA has decided to temporarily withdraw microtransactions from Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Several days ago, the company decided to calm down its investors by telling them that this move would not affect its profits.

Electronic Arts has told its investors that the withdrawal of the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 micro-franchise will not have a “significant impact” on its expected earnings. There is nothing to hide – such a statement is at least surprising.

Recall that only a few days ago, in the face of mass criticism, EA withdrew temporarily sale of the currency available in the game – Crystals. Previously, units were sold to players in the form of micropayments available in the game. The change was made immediately, even before the launch of Battlefront 2.

At EA, a wave of criticism was dropped in connection with the business model of the game, which despite the fact that it is an AAA game, offers a micropayment system. It was calculated that to unlock all the items available in the game, players would have to spend more than 2000 hours in front of the monitors. Of course, they would probably spend a few thousand dollars on unlocking items.

“We hear your voices loud and clear, so we turn off the micropayments in the game” , reads a message from the DICE studio. “We are devoting our time to listening to your comments and adjusting the entire micropayment system to your requirements.”

Well, I’m afraid the players would just like the game, for which they pay a lot of money, did not try to reach into their pockets for more cash. It does not seem likely that EA will completely give up the micropayment in the game, because it would be too big a financial blow. It is more realistic to redesign the whole system of experience and unlocking items for credit.

Until recently, players were able to buy Crystals, a premium currency, for real money. They could spend it on opening boxes containing special Cards – upgrades. Currently, boxes can only be purchased for Loans, which is the currency you earn for playing or counting the next challenges.

Surprisingly, EA believes that the withdrawal of micropayments from Battlefront 2, even temporarily, will have no impact on its profits. In the end, there are players who can spend thousands of dollars on gaming boxes. Perhaps the company does not think so, and only has tried to calm down its investors.

The issue of micropayments in the latest games has taken a big leap. The frown of game publishers is watching. The Belgian Gambling Commission, which investigates whether games like Overwatch and Battlefront 2 are not … gambling games! Representatives of EA in the statement to Gamespot have made a statement that opening the boxes is “no gambling.”

Belgians check whether Overwatch and Battlefront 2 are gambling

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