Bloody with new mice for players

Bloody has launched three new gaming mice P81, P85 and P93. The latest equipment is equipped with PixArt optical sensor and switches using innovative infrared technology, which will provide an extremely precise operation of the buttons.

The new Bloody Mouse mice are universal gaming hardware for any type of game – FPS, MOBA or RTS. The P81, P85 and P93 are equipped with 8 programmable buttons, 16GB color RGB backlight and PixArt PMW3325 ultra-precise optical sensors. Thanks to them, players can use the resolution setting up to 5,000 DPI. In addition, 1000Hz / 1ms sampling guarantees instant registration of every hand movement of the user, even in the most demanding and dynamic games.

Buttons and rolls of scrolling in P81, P85 and P93 use innovative technology based on infrared light – Light Strike. Its use guarantees a record low response time of just 0.2 milliseconds. Thanks to Light Strike, it also disappears with double click, which occurs in mice with classic metal switches. The manufacturer ensures that the lifetime of the buttons is 20 million clicks. The P81, P85 and P93 utilize the Metal X’Glide Armor Boot, which offers extreme durability and exceptional fluid motion on any surface.

Bloody P93 This is the smallest mouse in the new series. Its length of 128 mm and width of 68 mm is a convenient choice for players with smaller hands. In addition, the side panels of the rodent have a rubberized surface that significantly improves comfort. P85 This is the largest device of all the new models presented by Bloody – its dimensions are 135×78 mm. The P85 will appreciate people with massive hands that have so far had trouble finding a comfortable mouse. Version P81 It features a wide gap between the two main buttons and the matt plastic placed on the sides of the device. The P81 is narrower than the P85 (70 mm), while maintaining the same length. It was adapted to a palm-grip grip. All new Bloody rodents are symmetrical and directed to left- and right-handed people.

Here are photos of new mice:

Bloody P93:

bloody p93

bloody p93

Bloody P85:

bloody p85

bloody p85

Bloody P81:

bloody p81

bloody p81

Bloody Gaming also offers special software that allows you to change the FPS shooting system. Using only the mouse, a player in a fraction of a second can choose fire mode – single, series or automatic. Another option available is the ability to configure up to six sniper modes. In addition, the built-in internal memory will save the currently used settings and profiles directly in the device. Bloody mice are available in accessories and computer hardware stores for as little as PLN 80 (P81) or from PLN 91 (P85 and P93).

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